Sequence file and databases

> Load query sequences in FASTA format from your computer:
Clustering cutoff
- memiden
Set the value of extended maximal exact match (MEM) idendity or non-extended MEM idendity for clustering, default = 90 :
Algorithm Options
Set the minimum length for exact match, if not set, default = 20 :

Compute forward and reverse complement matches, default = forward :

Match only the characters a, c, g, or t :

Set the step of sparse suffix array, default = 1 :

Set the number of threads to use, default = 1 :

Set the chunk size for one time clustering, default = 100, where the unit is million base pairs (Mbp) :

Set the chunk number loaded one time for remaining genomes alignment, default = 2 :

Load the total genomes one time :

Rebuild suffix array after clustering into one chunk, default = 1 :

Extension options of MEM
Set the extension type of MEM, where '0' means no extension, '1' means gapped extension and '2' means un-gapped extension, default = 1:

Set the reward value for a nucleotide match, default = 1:

Set the penalty value for a nucleotide mismatch, default = -1:

Set the cost value to open a gap, default = -1:

Set the cost value to extend a gap, default = -1:

Set the X dropoff value for extension, default = 1:

Mail address for job checking

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